About Us

RisingMonks is a team of Tech-Monks, who are dedicated to provide innovative solutions for your Digital stratergy and Offshore Business Development needs.

Our Mission

Consult and help our clients navigate the digital landscape, at the right price.

Our Plan

Consulting and implementing solutions in line with your digital needs.

Our Vision

Implement a successful and profitable digital strategy for your business.


Services we offer.

Software Development

Software Development is the backbone of all online activities now a days. Our skilled Tech-Monks use the latest technologies, numerous software tools, strategies to integrate the applications and multi-platform environments to develop robust applications that satisfy your business demands. We are also providing customization of software application, integration of third party software, localization of web applications, up gradation of business applications, migration of old infrastructure to the latest in market and various other services related to software development. The following are our software development services.


DevOps is the term emerging from the collision of two major related trends. The first one is “agile operations” from applying Agile and Lean approaches to operations work.industry. RPA is one automation tool that can play a role in a larger automation or improvement strategy, where technologies such as Business Process Automation or Business Process Management also play a role. Even small- and medium-sized companies can easily integrate robots into their production line or service area to enhance revenues and process efficiencies with new advanced programming methods.

Offshore Business Development

From hiring talent to tackling legal challenges, we help build quality offshore offices for our clients.Our great asset is the easy access to the low-cost and excellent quality Tech-Monks from all over India. We understand our countries cultural hurdles and try to navigate the landscape with proper dedication.


Students are in charge of what they learn and much of it is determined by their level of motivation. That's why having highly motivated students is really important in eLearning. E-learning is a term that is used to describe a wide variety of electronic ways that enable access to education, and the process in itself. These e-learning include virtual classrooms, web-based learning, computer-based learning, and digital collaboration, video and audio recordings, interactive TV and many more. Thus, e-learning is suitable for flexible learning methods and distance learning.

Digital Marketing

Social media presence and communication is a necessity for a successful digital stratergy. We help our client to create successful ad campaigns and build a customer-centric brand identity.

Our Skills

Our people provide an amazing array of skills, experience and expertise in technical support specialists, to our IT, finance and management teams. We apply our skills and expertise to help drive better service, technology and societal improvement.

Software Development 93%
Offshore Business Development75%
Digital Marketing83%







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